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'The Magic Seeder' is a very easy to use seed sowing tool, it only takes 4 easy steps to be using 'The Magic Seeder', before taking the seeder apart it is a good idea to examine the seeder especially the black plunger where you will notice a groove in it that gets longer when you press the plunger, this is where the seeds will dispense from, also take note of the 2 marks that have too be aligned up on re-assembly of the seeder.


Before using 'The Magic Seeder' ensure that any seeds are dry and that the inside of the seeder is dry aswell



1, Prise the green cap from the square seed holder, paying attention to 2 marks one on the green cap and the second a triangle on the square seed holder.


2, Add seeds directly from the seed packet.  Do not overfill.


3, Replace the green cap lining up the mark on the green cap to the triangle mark on the square seed dispenser.



4, To distribute the seeds hold the seeder with the lining up marks at the same side as the ends of your fingers this way when you sow the seeds you will see the groove in the black plunger that the seeds travel down, Hold the seeder at an angle and lightly press the plunger.


For a 1 minute film clip on using The Magic Seeder Click Here

Right click and select Save Target As

Adjustment is made by varying the angle and the pressure on the plunger. Each time you change the seeds try out the seeder over a sheet of paper to ensure correct distribution without wasting any seeds

magic seeder in use

'The Magic Seeder' is a new product to Irish horticulture, It is used by the Royal Horticultural Society and was the winner of the award for the BEST NEW RETAIL PRODUCT at the 2004 South West Regional Growers Show in Exeter.

A must for all gardeners both amateur and professional, which is sure to become a treasured favourite in any gardeners’ toolbox!

Sow seeds accurately with this new Magic Seeder. Designed to fit securely within your hand, it’s easy to fill with lots of seed varieties. To sow into pots, seed trays, plug trays or root trainers, simply press the plunger with your thumb and your seeds will be sown. 

No matter how nimble your fingers are, trying to sow tiny individual seeds can be a nightmare, not to mention how many you waste.

Well not any more! With this fantastic new 'Magic Seeder' a simple to use and extremely efficient hand held seeder.

The concept of the seeder is based on the same principle as automatic seed dispensing machines, as used by large commercial seed growers.

'The Magic Seeder' takes the guess work out of seed sowing. Get perfect straight lines, and prevent seeds clumping together.

Ideal for older gardeners with dexterity problems as its robust body makes it really easy to grip in your hand  

The spring loaded plunger lets you accurately dispense seeds of a wide range of sizes. Not suitable for the very finest seeds such as Lobelias.

'The Magic Seeder' is a simple to use and extremely efficient hand held seeder.

'The Magic Seeder' can be used to sow seeds of all shapes and sizes up to 2 mm, like a professional grower, making home seedling production easy.

'The Magic Seeder' is ideal for accurate sowing of seeds in plug trays, pots or seed trays. 

'The Magic Seeder' stops seed wastage and time consuming thinning out, as you are now  using the same sowing technique as commercial nurseries.

'The Magic Seeder' is used by the Royal Horticultural Society. 

'The Magic Seeder' is an essential tool for all gardeners. 

These seeders are perfect for sowing a wide range of small seeds.

We often get asked the sizes of seeds so we are compiling a list of seeds that are 2mm or under, you can find this list here

Download a PDF version of how to use 'The Magic Seeder'


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